DCR’s wireless smart parking system
Sensor + Router + Gateway

DCR designs, develops and manufactures a parking sensor together with network capabilities.
By combination of various sensors according to a project, our offering is a perfect fit to customer’s needs.
Product lineup varies in a type of combining geometric, IR, or radar parking sensor integrated with both standard and proprietary wireless connectivity.
Due to its nature of environment where a parking sensor is installed like on street or outside place, it should be very tough and wild, DCR parking sensor is designed to very robust and rigid endurable to most type of passenger card and even to heavy duty vehicles.
Using DCR’s products and solutions, smart parking system can be easily built and efficiently managed.
Municipality / Operator

High Operating Efficiency
-Check an available parking lot thought a mobile app
drive to the nearest parking lot billed by mobile app.

Big Data Parking
-Visiting time, place and patterns.
-Targeted commercial and promotion.
-Parking fee mix.

Convenience of Residents and Visitors
-Saving time in parking.
-One stop soulution : locating a parking lot + billing.

Improved Air Quality
-Less hovering > less air pollution.
-Better transportation environment.

As guiding drivers to empty parking spaces, traffic flow is going smoothly and it reduces congestion. With this, parking frustration is relieved, air pollution is reduced. All of these improve the quality of life in the community.

By detecting and identifying underutilized spaces among whole campus area, secure enough parking spaces. Help your students and staff concentrate on their studies and work without feeling tired of finding an empty parking space in a full parking lot.

From now on, no need to allow your employees waste valuable business hours looking for parking spaces anymore. Increase business efficiency by checking for empty parking spaces in advance.

Shopping Malls
In current, consumers’ shopping styles and patterns are shifting from offline stores to online shopping. It is extremely difficult to guide shopping center operators to customers who are not moving. Providing a hassle-free parking experience becomes more important. DCR’s solution will bring back the customer who left.

Airports & Hospitals
Naturally, large landmarks, such as airports and hospitals, have wide and broad parking spaces for managing traffic flow and emergency situations can occur at any time. It does mean that automobile access can lead to huge congestion if not properly managed. DCR could be a breakthrough to avoid this big parking chaos.
Our Success Stories
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